A Contractors’ Spin on Small Business Saturday

As I sit on hold with the customer service line for our cell phone provider, who has ghosted me for the last two weeks, I can’t help but think about the upcoming “Small Business Saturday.”

In 2022, over 91% of our building material spend was with local, small businesses. That’s up over 50% from 2021. Why? That’s easy – because it’s about you.

Have you ever bought anything online, or from a big-box store and had an unpleasant experience? 

Standing in line at the service desk, ready to unload on an underpaid, underappreciated employee that’s been tasked to tell you why it can’t be returned, they don’t carry that item anymore, or why they have to give you an in-store credit, or blah blah blah…at this point, the age-old phrase probably escapes your mouth: “Well, I’m never shopping here again!”

National chains make their billions on volume. This allows them to lure you in with better pricing. If pricing is how you prioritize your shopping dollars, you probably haven’t thought about it or don’t really care how they treat you after the sale. In fact, you probably have shopped there again; you know who you are!

Smaller, local, organizations (like restaurants, realtors, mechanics, or, yep – contractors) using a similar approach would be bankrupt. We rely too heavily on your experience and our reputation to treat our clients that way!

Small businesses have a high incentive to go the extra mile for you. When you spend your dollars with small businesses you are almost guaranteeing yourself a better experience. They will not take you for granted. When we source materials locally, we know we have the support of knowledgeable sales professionals. Representatives from the manufacturers aren’t going to hide behind some sluggish big-box warranty process (if one even exists). Generally, our sources aren’t paid until we get paid, and we don’t get paid unless you are satisfied!

So next time you are planning out your home improvement projects, we encourage you to consider sourcing your designs, materials, and finishes locally.  Not only are you supporting your local small businesses, but over the long haul, you are guaranteeing yourself a better piece of mind!