Spring Break is right around the corner! And with the weather about to turn, and projects about to kick off, here are three super important topics to discuss with your contractor – be it us, or the guys up the road:

Must-Haves & Pain Points

First, consider your must-haves and your pain-points that are leading to you wanting to do the project in the first place. How does it fit into your long term plans for the space? The answers to those questions probably sound very different if you are renovating a home to increase its value for a sale in the near future vs an overhaul to improve functionality in your forever home. Knowing what your priorities are can help drive designs you will ultimately fall in love with.


Second, Budget. We know that talking about money is sometimes considered taboo, or folks are afraid to discuss their budget because they fear it might affect a price/bid. In reality, any reputable contractor wants to understand your budget because it helps them steer you to a successful outcome. 

When it comes to bidding, contractors that are going to survive already understand their labor rates and overhead costs. It’s more about the lineup of materials, or what category of finishes should you be considering. No one wants to waste time designing and selling a $30K kitchen if the budget is a firm $12K. 

Similarly, that’s why many contractors charge design or consultation fees.  The time spent developing bids that clients can’t afford is a large time-waster in their business. 

Day-To-Day Impact

Lastly, be cognizant of what impacts the project will have on your daily routine. With material availability continuing to be a sticking point in the industry (post-pandemic), orders for some items may need to be placed months in advance, which may mean larger down payments earlier in the project. Have you budgeted for that? You may need to shut off electricity or water supplies to certain areas of the home for days at a time, do you have the necessary contingencies planned in advance? How do you prefer to be communicated with throughout the project? Can you be reached at work as things come up throughout the day? Spending just a few minutes communicating about these aspects now can potentially save you hours of headaches later.

Sadly, in today’s technology age, many contractors in the industry have gotten into the ridiculous habit of simply ghosting clients. Ever reached out to a contractor and didn’t have them return your call or email? Odds are good it’s somehow related to the ambiguity of a project. We’ve even had it happen with subcontractors (you know who you are)! 

Now that you’ve read our tips, Get ready to discuss these three topics with your contractor! The more definition you have already, or you can develop together through open, honest communication, we promise the more you will love the end result!